A brief introduction to programming

What is programming? Programming is basically writing down instructions for a computer to use. Computers "communicate" using a very different language than humans, we call it binary. Binary is simply a huge series of 0 and 1 telling the computer what to do. Of course, we will not start writing down zeros and ones! This is why programming languages exist.

Programming languages are an interface by which the person is able to communicate a series of instructions to a computer. It's working is relatively simple. The programmer enters a line of code that uses syntax and words somewhat similar to any human language. These lines of code will then be transformed into zeros and ones by the compiler. After the program goes through the compiler, it should be executable by a computer, unless you did something wrong (which you will).

There are tons of programming languages out there for you to learn. Some are more usefull for certain tasks than others. For example, if you want to do an application that requires heavy maths and calculations, Java is probably not the best choice for you.

I will not teach programming on this website, which is why this article is so small. Therefore, I will assume you have some basic Java knowledge before taking on the modding tutorials. Multiple great online programming courses can be found on the internet, Google is your friend!